Briefing I

As Captain Inferno plan to raze New York to the ground was thwarted by Madame Lucy, he flees back to his base to plan for his next move.

Captain Inferno: “Argh…that little pesky brat that i met from my childhood ruined my master plan to save the world”

El Pedro: ” Childhood?….So you mean… know her since you were……”

Captain Inferno: ” Exactly, that ‘saint’ i have met since i was 10, during which the world tramples against me. And she rejected my master plan to bring peace and stability.”

El Pedro: ” That means she’s a…..”

Captain Inferno: “Traitor, a traitor that have misled herself into thinking that she is trying to change the world by saving the damned. My vision is that of a world free of those parasites, those greedy bureaucrats, wealthy landlords that feeds of poor fellows, those bullies, those selfish egotistical models. Those people will not enter and live through my utopia which will last the rest of humankind.”

El Pedro: “And then we will be free of our chains, forever”

Captain Inferno: ” Yes, the pain of being alienated by society, now it’s our time to show the world what we are capable of. Isn’t that right, My Dear Mayor of the Big Apple.”

Mayor of New York: ” You evil bastard. May God have justice for what’ve you done to the symbol of our pride. You will not use me to further up your gain.”

Captain Inferno: “SILENCE, old man. I think it’s time we introduce our newest member, a troubled soul from the Iron Curtain.”

Scarface: “Did somebody called me.”

Captain Inferno: “There she is, hahahahah.”

Scarface: “Is there any problem you are currently dealing, sire.”

Captain Inferno: “Ah yes i have, this old man is blocking my path towards world peace, you know what to do.”

Scarface: “For 13 years i have wanted to have a new body to escape from the past tragedies of World War II, now i have found a perfect match.”

The Mayor: “Wait no, what do you think you’re doing with my body….Arrgh”

Scarface absorbs The Mayor DNA using it’s unique elements to gather information about his genetics and personalities. The Mayor’s DNA then fuses with that of Scarface’s to shapeshifts into The Mayor, while The Mayor was left with a corrupted DNA, which causes instant mutation of his body, severely deforming his body into a monster.

Scarface: “Aaaahhhh, finally……a new body to start a new life.”

Captain Inferno: “Now that you finally got your wish, you know what to do.”

Scarface: “From a slave to a mayor, this is the greatest gift i have gotten in my life.”

Captain Inferno: “That’s the spirit, now go!”

Scarface left bound for New York to start her new life as a “Mayor” and continue the plan of her Captain to fulfill his vision and also to hunt down the Madame, meanwhile back at base

Captain Inferno: “As for you, monster. I have a plan for you…..”

To be continued

The Story of the Gifted Child, Part 3

Madame Lucy, as known by the citizens of the ward and the entire WASP headquarters, now run as a director and protector of the ward which now becomes her second home. Even though she is the official administrator of the place, she is often leaving the jobs to its skilled officers, only coming out when the situation got tense and difficult. She is often found daydreaming and writing, and one of them was a memoir, which was published with the title The White Fox. The memoir become popular in Virginia, and for one time reached #1 in New York Times. But the problem she has is her sensitivity to sound. Gunshots, and crowd noises often causes her mental state to reach the breaking point. At one time in 1985, the voice got so loud that she reached a mental breakdown, causing the entire facility to shut down for at least 2 hours. The situation got so bad that she opted to make her permanently deaf so the noise wont bother her anymore. She then have rehabilitation and psychotherapy to cope with her loss of hearing. She compensate her loss of hearing with her psychic and psychokinetic powers. Sidney helped Madame Lucy by creating a electromagnetic devices that allowed the electromagnetic powers to combine with her telekinesis to essentially transfer her thoughts and gestures to another person simply by using body language. Things went well in the facility, bullies were kept in check, until things suddenly changed in 1986. in 21 October 1986, A mysterious terrorist unit caused fire in Times Square in Manhattan. The scale of the damage was so massive that not even police and military can stop it. So Eagle Eye from WASP was called by the Minister of Defence to deal with this threat. Eagle Eye then dispatched Madame Lucy, Sidney, and a new soldier codenamed Z1, a skilled hunter and crossbow archer. Eagle Eye then brief the trio for the objectives of the mission, codenamed Operation Sparrow Beak:

  • Take out the fire that takes over Time Square
  • Evacuate any civilian that is within the range of the fire
  • Discover who is the culprit behind the atttack

The trio packed up and set foot towards New York City using a modified VTOL plane. Sidney scans the city to provides the best entry point for both Z1 and Lucy. When the three views the city from above, what they saw was worse than they have expected. The entire Manhattan borough was on fire. So they had to reconsider the plan. Even though Sidney and Lucy agreed that the entry point from which they enter the city was from Bronx. Z1 vehemently disagreed, instead pointing that Newark bridge over the Hudson River is the best entry point to the city. They debates over which entry point is the best. Z1 argued that capturing the culprit was the main objective of this operation, hence why he chose the Hudson River. Lucy argues back that the main objective was evacuating civilians was the main objective, hence the Bronx entrance. Z1 calls them both cowards and then just skydive right away. Lucy and Sidney had to improvise with this unexpected action from Z1, instead dropping off Staten Island so they both have close proximity. When Lucy finally dropped in Staten Island, she quickly act and helps the police anf military by evacuating civilians to that island. She crosses the bridge to the now burning Manhattan. When she entered the borough, she encountered what looks like molten rock creatures attacking rich civilians while sparing the poor ones. She immedieatly remember that Dexter was the most likely culprit behind this, due to the letter she saw about a decade ago. She then had to fight the molten rock creatures using her psychokinesis powers while also simultaneously evacuate and protect the civilians. In 4 p.m she re-established contact with Z1, with the first thing she did is showing her outrage at her for being so stubborn, while Z1 cursed her back for not taking risk. The two then continued their individual journey fighting beasts, taking out the fire, and evacuating civilians. Around an hour later, Z1 called Lucy in an emergency call about two figures at the top of the Empire State building. Lucy then rushed to the site and to her expectation, it was Dexter. Now known as Captain Inferno, he orchestrated the attack with his disciple, El Pedro, with a special powers involving rock. The Captain re-introduce himself to Lucy, while appreciating her name change. While the two had a discussion, The Captain ordered El Pedro to fight Z1. Meanwhile the discussion continued:

The Captain: “So, we meet again, dear friend”

Lucy: “EXPLAIN WHY DID YOU DID THIS, YOU…..YOU PSYCHOPATH…….LOOK I know you have a negative perception on humans, especially the wealthy ones. But you dont have to STRAIGHT UP TAKE THEIR LIVES!”

The Captain: “Oh Dear Lucy,,, hahahah, you haven’t realize the truth didn’t you. Im saving the world dear girl. I envision the utopia where everyone will live in peace. Those people, the high class, they were the parasites that will ruin my vision, and so like it or not those people need to perish. Goverment bureaucrats, landlords, those people need to perish. Sometimes a little bit of sacrifice needs to be made”

Lucy: “So what, so you think you can just kill all of those innocent beings just because you think they did wrong, why dont you take a look at yourself”

The Captain: “Shut your mouth girl, i know im doing the right thing, have you ever heard of Noah’s Ark. To create a better and peaceful world, you know what those evil people get, they drowned and dead, because they will never make this world a better place. Same as my mission to create a better world, a world with peace. The evil needs to perish. And unlike John Lennon, who is only imagining peace, i take the initiative to create a better world. And now you’re standing in my way, you need to perish as well.”

The two fights on relentlessly, but Lucy has the advantage of her psychokinesis powers. Her powers quickly overwhelmed the Captain’s fire powers. The Captain can’t take it anymore and then escapes using the fire emblem, while El Pedro was defeated by Z1 and flee. However Madame Lucy collapses as she was exhausted by using too much of her powers. She was taken back to WASP. However Lucy’s effort to saved the civilian proved worthy, as she saved more than 250,000 civilians from the district. What she didnt save however, was Manhattan. Despite her efforts, 75% of the buildings were razed to the ground. However it was enough, Lucy becomes the hero of the nation, earning the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Captain Inferno, on the other hand, goes back into hiding, planning it’s next bigger and deadlier move

Malin Kundang

Yes, im doing this. I know you think “Dude, why are you reviewing the most common folklore tale of Southeast Asia” Well theres something that always bothers me about this story. The story and the underlying message of this story. So to summarize, this story is about a boy named Malin Kundang that have the dream to sail the seas, and when that dream come true, he sailed the seas and reached an unknown land, where he become rich and wealthy. His mother stood by the beach, hoping his son would come back. And then comes the day where his son come home. Now this part of this story is vague and a lot of different version exists, so lets go for the common one, now moving on, so Malin seems uncomfortable in front of his beautiful wife that his mother is now an old ragged granny. So he starts denying that her mother IS her mother. This shocked his mom and fell unconscious and when she wakes up. She found out that he was gone. The mother, enraged, asked god to show justice, and cursed him to become a stone. God fulfill her promise and then Malin was turned into stone. Now for the message. Most people have agreed that the true message of this story is about respect your parents, and i myself agree with the statement. But i think the message goes deeper than just that. Remember when his mother asked God to show justice and even cursed him to become a stone. That implies Malin’s Mom wants revenge on her son because of her son disrespect. Revenge are mostly done on the basis of justice. Now i believe justice is necessary, but in his mother cases, his mother curse is just irrational logically and emotionally. Its just pure revenge. Now its time to address the final mystery, Malin turned into a stone. Now i dont think and believe that God would do such a thing, like turning a man into a stone just because of someone else’s wishes, regardless of reasons. Its just not true for good God to do such a thing, God is all about forgiveness and revival, not curse. So the messages of this story are:

-Respect your parents [in Malin case]

-Get rid of toxic people [in Malin wife case]

-The devastating effect of an act of revenge [in Malin Mother case]

So i dont believe that Malin is the only one that is the one to fault here. His wife and his mother is also partially to blame for the final outcome. And also the one that made the story for the wrongful depiction of God, why is God following order from his creations, shouldn’t it be the other way around. Now theres some people that said that his mother didn’t curse his son, and i wish that was the version that come true. Anyway that was my review, Goodbye.

The Story of a Gifted Child, Part 2

27 July 1983, It’s the day that Max’s life would change forever, as she has been recruited to join CIA new special forces, codenamed WASP. She was taken to the WASP headquarters to secure her admission to the unit. The headquarter itself is perceive by the locals there as a symbol of greatness, as those who can enter the headquarter are those that have been deem worthy, and those who have abilities that defied the laws of physics. She was initially scared of moving in to the HQ, but Ken assured her that the Headquarter is not as scary as it seem. When she arrived, she was taken immedieatly to the Chief of the Headquarters office. He is simply known by the inhabitants there as the Eagle Eye due to the fact that he was able to achieve at least 134 confirmed kills even though he has lost one eye and his other eye has diminished eyesight. On the outside he is calm and quiet, but he’s known by his brilliance, strong leadership, and out-of-the-box thinking. When she made eye contact with the Eagle Eye, she was shocked by the number of scars he has in his face. Max reached out her hands to look at his past memories. She was horrified in what she sees during that moment. The horrors of war, indescribable pain, and suffering. She burst to tears at that moments. Eagle Eye quickly slapped Max from crying, telling “We accept no crybabies in this unit!”, which shows that Eagle Eye has little to no sympathy. Eagle Eye then interviews Max about his past life, which Max tells her ordeal as a kid selling postcards, her sadness, and her fear of uncertainty. Eagle Eye then asked Max what is her powers that make here special, to which Max replies, “I just showed you my powers, Sire”. Eagle Eye responded, “I’m sorry, i don’t know if reading minds was considered a, should i say powers.”. Max felt tense as she was able to sense that Eagle Eye didn’t think that her powers is considered a power according to Eagle Eye. Max tried convincing the Eagle Eye repeated that her powers are important, to which Eagle Eye relented, confirming her admission to the unit, but tells Max that she will not ever hold command. Before she leaves, Eagle Eye asked Max one more question, “Hold on Max, before you leave. I will ask you one more question. What is your full name ?”, Max simply responded with “Maximus Lucy”. Eagle Eye laughed quietly because he thought the name was stupid. Eagle Eye tells Max that her name will be Lucy from now on. Max was then transferred to Ward 6 in the Western Wing of the Headquarter. Even though she was only 16. she was taken to and adult ward. Her first impression of the WASP unit was that its personnel will be nice and understanding of each other due to the fact that they are different from the rest of humanity and shared a common struggle of difficulty intergrating into society . But this impression was shattered immedieatly when she entered the Ward, as constant harrasment occurs almost anytime. Those who have stronger and cooler abilities harassed those who have weaker abilities than them. When she entered the cafeteria, she saw a group of people known as the Big Five harassin man whose name is Sidney. Lucy took the initiative and confront the Big Five to stop harassing Sidney. The leader of the Big Five, Randolph laughed, “Ha ha ha ha ha ha, what do you think you’re doing here trying to stop us, newbie?”, to which Lucy responded, “I might be not as experienced as you, but i’m not afraid to confront those who harassed and alienating others just because you thought was weaker than you”. Randolph was furious, “Do you think you can just play God on us, little girl!”,and chargedhe uses her psychic abilities that outmatched his pyhsical strength, she “commands” his muscles to punch himself in the face repeatedly until he is knocked out. When the other Big Five sees their leader being beaten, they immedieatly fled the scene. When Randolph was finally knocked out, others that were watching cheered at her for her bravery confronting the leader of the Big Five. Count Hughes, the treasurer of Ward 6, approaches her to personally congratulated her for her courage and determination of the oppressor. “Its been more than 7 years since he came here and starts terrorizing this ward”, he says, “but you come here and starts confronting him, and actually ends his reign of terror”, to which Lucy simply replies, “I only did what i think was right, i sees many strong fellows harass those that they deem was weaker than them”. She was then known from now on as Madame Lucy, a name she likes to use for her life. Words of Randolph demise eventually reached the attention of Eagle Eye, and Lucy was called back into the office. “I was wrong about you all this time”, “You are the bravest individual I’ve known since the Vietnam War, and i’ve underestimate your psychic powers”, Eagle Eye then promoted Madame Lucy to the Protector of Ward 6, a title she glads to wear.

After the promotion, Lucy takes her duty seriously and since then, the condition of Ward 6 is considered the most peaceful ward of the entire Headquarter facility. Lucy would run as the protector for 3 years, ensuring the stability of the ward and ousting any attempt of harassment. It wasn’t until 1986, that Eagle Eye would call her one more time, this time for a real duty as a soldier of a special force

The Story of a Gifted Child, Part 1

Austin, Texas circa 1974

Once upon a time, there was a little kid called Max. She was orphaned when he was only 3 years old because her parents died in a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean. Since then, She survives in the street by eating off the trash can, gain salary through selling postcards. Her only companion was his mysterious pet which he simply called Derek. One day, when Max was sleeping, she sees a robbery took place just three blocks away from where she was sleeping. she and her pet, Derek goes into the location and bravely tries to stop the armed robbery. It was at this moment when she learnt that she has the power of telekinesis, mind-control, and psychokinesis. Because she was just a kid, her power goes out of control and she killed the two robbers when she mind-controlled the robbers to kill themselves. Police soon comes to the site and discover the little girl out of control because of what she has unbeknowingly done to the robbers. At first the authorithies didnt realized that Max has supernatural powers. When they tried to calm her down, she became furious instantly and her powers got the better on her when her psychokinesis caused one of them to injure the rest of the police. They quickly subdued the little girl and make her unconscious. She was brought to the Texas Department of Paranormal Activities and was placed under a coma so the paranormal team can assess the situation and recognize her supernatural powers. But when she was put under a CT scan, her supernatural powers suddenly makes the machine goes haywire and the scan stops immedieatly. While she was in a coma, she suddenly wakes up and then starts rampaging across the vicinity of the buildings. Polices and SWAT teams weree dispatched to subdue the little girl, but none was able to stop her immense powers, by now she has destroyed the entire complex. It was only when US Delta Forces was called that they were able to calm her down and defeat her powers. She was placed in a vegetative state and then transported to the National Paranomal Agency in Norfolk, Virginia and was placed under heavy quarantine room with special equipment that were able to resist her supernatural powers. The story of her rampage spread quickly in the state and Max becomes “famous”. She was placed in a coma for 3 years. In 1977, she wakes up from coma but were unable to use the powers because she was administered drugs that suppresses her emotions. She then was put under a lot of tests, a lot of them was painful. She was taught to better control her powers, and she was able to master her emotions. In 1978, she suddenly got a roommate, his name was Dexter, dubbed “The Man on Fire” because he was able to generate flames inside his body. They become close friends, and their friendship becomes mutual. But they have different outlooks on life. While Max has a forgiving, and emphatethic nature. His counterpart, Dexter shares a totally opposite view. He was vengeful towards the normal humans, believing that they should suffer the way he suffers being a supernatural beings, and his beliefs caused him to have an intense hatred towards the government, the staff working there, and generally, the human population. One day, when Dexter was sleeping, Max found Dexter’s letter under his bed, and what she found was horrifying. Max was shocked when Dexter wrote a letter on what he would do to the world that treated him badly, and was planning to call on the other supernatural kids in the facility to rise up and take control of the world. Just when she’s about to told the staff about the letter. Dexter woke up and when he sees Max trying to apprehend the letter to the staff, he was furious and try to stop Max by harming her with fire. The two got into a fight and the special guards came over and stopped the fight using special equipments. Dexter was incarcerated and Max was put under psychotherapy to help her heal psychologically. Max was then moved to the National Health Rehabilitaion Centre to provide her with a safe enviroment and to help her gain control of her powers. Dexter, meanwhile was put in a special correction center in Denver, Colorado. Max was put in a room with a special counselor named Nixon. The two quickly develop a bond, and Nixon began teaching Max how to use her powers correctly, and Max began to learn the meaning of life, and how to love herself, as in the past she used to hate herself for her natural powers. However, during her teenage years, she become more rebellious, and she demands more freedom. In 1980, she demands to Nixon that she goes to a Pink Floyd concert in New York. Nixon denied the request, and Max was furious. When Nixon was away, Max mind-controlled his assistant and force him to drive Max away to Uniondale, where the concert was held. When she arrived there, she realized she had no money, and mind-control the staff working there to gave her a free pass to the concert. However, it is at this moment that she realized she cannot tolerate loud noises, and when the concert progresses, she becomes unstable and her powers goes out of control. The speakers were thrown out of buildings, and the light collapses into the ground, injuring 10 people. The concert was immedieatly cancelled and Max passed out because of the immense pressure inside her head. Max was rushed to the Metropolitan Hospital Centre in Manhattan so she can receive treatment. Nixon, hearing the news, was panicked. He rushed to the hospital. When Max woke up, Nixon was immedieatly furious and tells Max not to disobey him again. Max health, both psychologically and physically was deteriorating after this event. Max’s self-esteem and confidence dropped after the incident. She believed that her decisions will harm others. The condition causes her to become indecisive and unable to make simple decisions because of the anxiety that her decisions may cause harm. Nixon took notice of this, and he brought her to a psychiatrist where she was diagnosed with dependant personality disorder, a disorder in which someone is excessively dependent on other. She began treatment and her condition improves over the next 6 months. Max starts to see Nixon as a sort of father figure after this, as he has helped her to recover. Years later, Max has transitioning into an adult. In 1983, Max and Nixon was approached by a CIA director, his name is Ken. Ken has been watching Max from a distance since the incident and was offered to join the US new special forces for supernatural beings, called WASP. She was first hesitated when she was being told of the news. However, she ultimately gives in after Ken reminded her in a cool way that WASP is going to be a peace keeping force. Max says goodbye to Nixon, and then she went with Ken to Arlington to the WASP headquarters, her life suddenly changed to the military life.

Top 10 Elton John Songs

Elton John is one of the greatest rock stars that have ever lived in history. His songwriting and piano skills legendary. Today I’m gonna show you his best songs in my opinion. Without further ado, let’s get started.

10. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (1994)

Released in 1994 as part of the Lion King soundtrack. This song is released during the adult contemporary era of Elton John. This song melody captures the emotional feel of the movie, and it’s lyrics are written in the way that it can capture the imagination of children’s. No one has done a Disney song better than Elton John, at least imo

9. Crocodile Rock (1973)

The first single of the album Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player. This song pays tribute to the rock n roll era that precedes it. The upbeat chorus can make you dance to the song. The lyrics can make you imagine the days when people used to listen to rock n roll artists. John’s piano playing in the intro is easily the most recognizable part of the song, and the hook is the catchiest part of the song.

8. Bennie and the Jets (1974)

This boogie track is released as part of the iconic Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album. The song describes the futuristic life of the future “She’s got electric boots, a mohair suit“, and the counterculture of the 60s, with many youths rejecting the traditional values of the past. Anyway this song highlights the true mastery of John’s piano playing, as later in the live shows John’s improvisation with this song are remarkable. Bennie & The Jets is easy for you to dance to.

7. Daniel (1973)

This lovely ballad tells the tale of a Vietnam vet returning to America, yet was unable to find peace, so he moved to Spain. This song captures the emotional feels of missing someone, as the song lyrics is written from the perspective of the vet’s brother who misses him. The melodic bridge is very relaxing. Davey’s acoustic guitar playing provide an enjoyable tune for you to listen to.

6. Someone Saved My Life Tonight (1975)

This dark and haunting ballad is clearly the most emotional song of this list. The song is released as part of the autobiographical album Captain Fantastic and Brown Dirt Cowboy. This song describes the time of Elton’s life in the late 60s who struggling with sexuality and marriage engagement. The lyrics are the most important part, as it can give you an insight of how Elton felt during that era. The “sugar bear” of this song is Long John Baldry, who gives advise during those hard time.

5. I Guess That’s Why They Called It The Blues (1983)

Easily the best Elton song of the 80s. This song marks the comeback of Elton John after a nosedive of it’s popularity during the late 70s and the early 80s. This song describes lovebirds that were separated because of dubious circumstances, and the two misses each other during those hard times. The lyrics are magnificent, add that to Elton upbeat midtempo piano playing, and Stevie Wonder playing harmonica in the bridge, and you have this wonderful song.

4. Saturday Nights (Alright for Fighting) (1973)

This is has to be Elton most upbeat song on the list, and it clearly shows why. Elton bangs the piano like an instrument, and Davey’s guitar riff is memorable. This exemplifies by Bernie lyrics which describes the song. Elton vocal performance is also great, whom he nailed in the song

3. Tiny Dancer (1972)

Ah, the breathtaking view of California, the beauty of Los Angeles ladies, yep it’s Tiny Dancer. The opening piano riff is enjoyable. The beautiful acoustic guitar and the warm melodies made this song into a masterpiece.

2. Your Song (1970)

Childish yet brilliant, this song is clearly one of the best love song of all time. This song tells how much someone love his loved one, as simple as that. John Lennon calls it the first thing since The Beatles. The beautiful intro and the meaningful lyrics is why is this song is great. And the best part is that Bernie Taupin is only around 17-18 years old when he first wrote this song.

Before I tell you the best song by Elton John, here are some honorable mention:

– Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

– I’m Still Standing

– Song For Guy

– The Bitch is Back

– Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

– Carla Etude

– Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

1. Rocket Man (1972)

This song is truly the magnum opus of the whole Elton John’s career. This song continues the space theme after Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. The song describes the loneliness of outer space which is experienced by the astronaut, and the feeling that the space exploration is treated as a daily routine rather than an achievement. The combination of piano and guitar made the song really enjoyable to hear, but the slide guitar really gives the feeling of travelling to space. The falsetto was done really smoothly by Elton John, and the fade-out coda gave the impression of an astronaut journey in space, with slide guitar and piano accompanying the journey. Thus, the emotional feel of the song, combined with the outstanding performances by Elton and Davey’s slide guitar performances, and lyrics that were so meaningful it managed to capture a vivid imagination of the loneliness of space, you got a masterpiece